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What an incredible week it has been at the IAC 2023 !

16 October 2023

What an incredible week it has been at the IAC 2023 !

🚀 What an incredible week it has been at the IAC 2023 ! 🌠 QL Space was honored to contribute to this gathering of the brightest minds in the space industry. Our highlights include:

🌏 Ariane Platell was selected by United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) to present at the 30th Annual UN-IAF Workshop. This years theme was on Challenges and Capacity-building Opportunities for Emerging Space Nations. Ariane provided a case study of how QL Space is connecting with partners to bring exciting technology and expertise into Australia to help grow our emerging space ecosystem. Many thanks to Nathalie Ricard and Hazuki Mori for all their work in what was an outstanding workshop.

👩‍🚀 IAC was a great opportunity to reflect on how different space ecosystems are working to support a thriving New Space industry. Ariane contributed to the discussion through the presentation of her paper on one such approach that has been taken in Australia, through the Venture Catalyst Space program, Australia’s first of its kind space accelerator and incubator which is run by the University of South Australia’s Innovation & Collaboration Centre. It was wonderful to have Craig Jones there in support as the paper looked at the program through the lens of QL Space’s experience on the program and showcased the replicable forms of intervention that may also have relevance for other entrepreneurs and innovation programs within the international space economy, that can help act as catalysts for growing space ecosystems in other countries.

🪐 Ariane’s time at the International Space University also took centre stage with her presenting a paper from her time there on their Strastospheric Balloon Project, which offered a unique approach to postgraduate space education, emphasising project-based learning, practical experience, and cross-disciplinary collaboration. She also co-authored her team project paper that was presented on a Global Space Ecosystem Maturity Rubric which offers a comprehensive framework to assess and identify strengths, needs, and opportunities within the global space industry.

Overall it was great to see a strong Australia contingent in attendance as we gear up for what will be an incredible IAC 2025 in Sydney!

Showcasing how Australia, as a still growing space nation, are contributing to the international space community is vital to strengthening our international partnerships. These critical collaborations are what will help ensure we reach our 2030 goal of tripling Australia’s space industry. 🏆

Can’t wait to see you all in Milano next year 🇮🇹🍕

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