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CSIRO Innovate to Grow program

22 March 2023

CSIRO Innovate to Grow program

We’re excited to have been invited to join our second CSIRO Innovate to Grow program, Agrifood, which will focus on investigating new R&D opportunities related to the Agrifood sector in Western Australia

The agriculture industry and the world’s food supply are facing substantial risks. These are heightened by the increasing severity of natural disasters such as bush fires and draught, uncertainty in crop production and market pricing, an absence of effective rural infrastructure, and access to workers and assistance programs.

Satellite based technologies have the capacity to powerfully affect our agriculture industry. Through delivering better predictions for crop yield and performance as well as improved crop monitoring, this can have a powerful flow on effect to finance and insurance companies, as well as Government and supply chain management.

We’re thankful to Michelle Armistead for her support and can’t wait to get started!